Technological innovation applied to the tradition is the main characteristic of LiquirGAM, a company specialized in the processing of liquorice. It is a plant that spontaneously grows in Southern Italy and of which the way best form can be found in Calabria on the grounds of Sibari's fields. It offers a wide variety of uses that range from gastronomic to pharmaceutical purposes. For thousands of years in fact, licorice roots have been known for their emollient, digestive and calming properties.

Picture of Eliquir liquorice liqueur 50 cl.
Eliquir è un liquore a base esclusiva di infuso di liquirizia a 25°. E' prodotto con liquirizia di produzione propria con l'aggiunta di alcool e zucchero. E' consigliabile evitare il consumo eccessivo in caso di ipertensione.